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Working with Sarcom
Sarcom manages business transactions, transportation logistics and contracting, all done in a time-definite basis. We participate in bidding to help others execute their contracts both financially and providing the goods needed, always considering the mutual interest of both sides.
Sarcom’s goal is to reduce the cost and expenses. Based on these capabilities, we can utilize our own staff to satisfy our business partners. So, we believe that our success has been based on our strategy and dedicated personnel and that is why we can provide both the best quality and a very competitive price to our clients. We also like to add to our services a professional trained team of engineers and staff that obeys by the highest safety requirements and instructions.
The business relationship with many manufacturers, trading houses and agents around the world allows us to focus on our services to fulfill our clients’ demands. One can immediately realize that we at “Sarcom”, are not looking into the business as a one time basis, rather, we intend to work with our business partners on a long term basis.
The volume of business we generate to our major suppliers makes us a preferred client thus entitling us to many advantages which are automatically re-channeled to our clients, as an extra added value in our services portfolio.